Dare yourself to risk it





I had started talking to this guy in class, and he invited me over to his place to hang out with him and his buddies.  A couple drinks in, and I found out exactly what it was they wanted from me…

I knew all the clichés people said, I knew all the stereotypes.  Black guys just want a girl with a big ass to use, they want to go bareback and they don’t care what happens.  I didn’t care though, they were wrong.  We had been dating awhile, and while I knew yes, those things were true, I knew I was so much more to him than just an ass he talked into barebacking.

All my friends always talked about how my new boyfriend shattered all their stereotypes and expectations.  When they heard I was dating a black guy, all of them had so many misconceptions about him.  That he was just after me for my body, that he just wanted to use me like some white piece of meat. 

However, how shocked were they when they saw what a gentleman he was, how well he treated me, how hard he worked…all of them said how envious they were.  If only they knew just how true those stereotypes were behind closed doors, and how much I loved him for it…

Don’t listen to that voice inside of you that tells you to hold back, that you should treat me nicely during sex, that voice that is afraid of the animal inside.  Let it out, let it consume you.  Let it feed on me, satiate its carnal appetite with my flesh, show me you’re man enough to lose control…

Did you really think he had picked you out at the club because you were something special? He keeps calling you a white slut, a white whore, white fuck meat….reminding you that you could have been any one of the girls at that club, he was only looking for one thing and he found it in you.

He was just some guy I had met at the club while I was out for a friend’s Bachelorette Party.  We were drinking and dancing with everyone we could find.  I started flirting with this one guy, and before I knew it, I was back at his place.  I never learned his name, but the next I knew, I was face down on his bed, as he started working his cock up my ass, and he grunted in my ear, “Tonight, I’m making that ass my bitch…”

Just look at all the nature videos of animals mating.  How many have soft, romantic love making?  And how many species have sex in a rough, aggressive, almost violent way, like the female is being conquered and subdued sexually, having the seed forced on her? 

I rest my case.

Okay, girls, you know this is how good it’s going to feel when you start playing the game. So you need to start doing it. Now. I’m talking to you: the girls who know they want to play, but who have hesitated or who are “waiting” for something else to happen before starting to play. You need to play right now. You know you do. 

Putting it off is not only no fun, it’s depriving yourself of really living life. Sure, there is a chance your body might be ruined forever, but that dangerous chance is what makes the game so raw and sexy and pleasurable. Don’t worry about what could happen. 

Maybe something bad could happen, but probably you’ll be lucky. Just play once or twice, at least. Work up to it. Dare yourself to risk it. Just a little. Don’t make yourself continue to wait. Just enjoy going all the way. Don’t use protection. It feels so amazing. 

Just enjoy — the sooner the better!

Wow, I love this. Really describes how I feel about it all now.


Well said 😎