beccabellamy: He’s Coming Over. Get Me Ready….


He’s Coming Over. Get Me Ready.

Her boyfriend just texted. He’s on his way over. He’s going to fuck your wife. He wants her naked and ready when he comes through the door. You know what you need to do even before she tells you.

You drop to your knees and she turns around. You lick her perfect pussy from behind and rim her ass. You don’t know which hole her boyfriend intends on fucking, but you know she’ll give up both. She moans as you get her wet and turned on.

You’re a good cuckold. For you, this is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Preparing your wife to be penetrated by another man turns you on like nothing else. Most men would stand up and slide into her from behind, but you know that’s not your place. Your place is on your knees, worshiping the holes that another man gets to fuck. You’re a good cuckold.