she-fucked-him: She stopped responding over a…


She stopped responding over an hour ago; her last text?

“Leaving the bar, we’re going to his place.”

Since reading that, your mind has been racing. Why hasn’t she texted you? Is she okay? Have they fucked? Is he better than me? The simple answer? Yes. You sit in your apartment, your rock hard cock in hand, and begin imagining how well he must be fucking your wife. This was her first date without you, this was her first date with a big, black cock. You continue stroking your small, white cock until your body tenses up. You begin shaking, trembling at the thought of a BBC splitting your white wife in half, and finally, you explode with cum, covering yourself with your wasted seed. The moment is now over, the rush has gone away, and all you can do is sit with your thoughts.

Finally, you receive a notification on your phone. It’s your wife. You assume it must be her telling you that she’s on her way home. Unfortunately, it’s not.

You open the message, click play, and get a first hand look at what he has been doing to your wife for the past hour and a half.

She Fucked Him 😏