A Cuckold Always Cleans Up



A good cuckold knows his place is between his wife’s legs. He knows he belongs there whenever she wants him there. It usually starts with the cuckold preparing his wife’s pussy before she meets her lover. He’ll tongue her eagerly and leave her soaking wet so the bigger cock can fill her with ease. A little dirty while he’s doing his job always helps.

“Get my pussy ready for him, cuckold. I need to be nice and wet for his big cock. I haven’t had a cock that big in a long time, have I cucky?”

Soon the cuckold will be eating her pussy after she’s been with another man. If she’s gone on a solo date she’ll come home and let him taste the results of her coupling with the bigger, better man. He’ll devour her pussy as a way of reclaiming her and she’ll feel the warmth and love that is present between genuine cuckold couples. The taste of latex and sweat is delicious proof that his wife fucked someone else.

Before long her lover will come to their house and the cuckold will get to watch them fuck. He’ll lick her pussy beforehand and then he’ll step in right after and taste the freshness of sex in her. It will drive the cuckold crazy to see his wife get fucked in close up and then dive right in with his eager tongue.

With her hand in his hair the lovely wife will encourage her cuckold, “Good boy. Taste him in me. Lick his sweat off of me. Soothe my pussy from the pounding he gave me. Be a good cuckold and eat me.”

Finally, the cuckold will clean another man’s cum out of his wife’s pussy. He’ll have watched as she sucked cock and spread to be fucked bareback. He’ll have watched as the superior man’s balls emptied a hot load inside his beautiful wife. His mouth will water as he eagerly anticipates getting to clean the load. She’ll have trained him to be a creampie eating cuckold. He’ll move between her legs and devour the gift he’s been given.

“Good boy,” she’ll say. “Clean his cum out of me. Be my little cuckold cum slut.” He’ll do it because he knows his place.

This is exactly how I feel and what I need


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