beccabellamy: Moans from the Bedroom


Moans from the Bedroom

“Would you like to watch tonight?” your wife asked you earlier. Her bull was coming over for the evening. He was going to spend the night fucking your wife and she was inviting you to witness her pleasure.

“I want you to watch, cuckold,” she said while rubbing your crotch. You couldn’t help but get excited as her gentle fingers brushed over your cock. She leaned closer and whispered into your ear, “I want you to watch him make me cum.”

That’s what he does, after all. He makes your wife cum. You don’t, at least not like him. When your cock fills her she moans a little and she puts on a good show, but you don’t make her cum like he does. Usually, you finish and then use your tongue or fingers to bring her to orgasm. That’s how it’s been for most of your marriage. That’s why she has a bull now.

“I’m going to cum so hard on his big cock,” she says into your ear. You’re rock hard now. You can’t help it. While most men would be horrified that their wife cums harder with someone else, you’re turned on. You’re a cuckold.

You’ve embraced that fact, but you still experience cuckold angst when she’s with him. What if she decides she wants his cock permanently? What if she decides she’d rather just be with a man wielding a bigger, better cock instead of being with you? Despite those worries, you can’t help but feel intense arousal when he’s fucking her.

You always tell yourself you’re not going to watch. Your wife smiles as she leads him down the hallway and into your bedroom. You tell yourself you’re just going to sit on the couch and watch TV instead, but then you hear the first moans.

They’re her moans, and they’re so beautiful. Maybe he’s fingering her. Maybe his cock is already inside her. Maybe you should walk down the hall and find out. Your resolve to watch TV quickly melts away as your desire to see your wife with another man’s cock inside her usurps everything.

You stand and slowly walk down the hall. The moans get louder. Your cock gets stiffer. There’s a small tent in the front of your pants by the time you reach the doorway. She left it open a few inches to tempt you. She used her moans to lure you down the hallway. Your wife knows what you really want. She knows you want to watch his big cock fill her pussy.

She’s on her back when you look through the door. He’s between her legs, thrusting into her wet pussy. Her eyes are locked on his. She doesn’t even know you’re standing there. Your wife is getting fucked by another man and she’s completely lost in the pleasure of it.

Stand there long enough and you’ll get to see her cum, cuckold. Isn’t that what you want? Don’t you want to see your wife have a mind-blowing, body-shaking orgasm with another man’s cock inside her?


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