Thoughts from a Bull…



Underneath is a piece I found somewhere on the internet a while ago, and as a cuckold, it kinda struck a nerve. It’s a collection of thoughts from the point of view of a Bull in a cuckold-hotwife dynamic, and he makes an interesting point with regards to how some Bulls experience their role in this sexual triad.

Personally speaking, my wife and I have experimented a few times with her cuckolding me while I watch from the corner of the room, but lately, she’s very keen to experiment a bit with her cuckolding me while alone in a hotel room with her Bull. The idea is that I would wait for her at home, while the two of them spend some quality time together. To touch on what is mentioned in the piece underneath, her Bull is aware of this fantasy of ours, and is anxiously waiting for the invitation to go through with it as he too is clearly hungry for a connection on a deeper, more emotional level, and not solely on a superficial sexual level.

I guess the only one holding it all back at this stage is me, but as a cuckold, regardless of how incredibly turned on the fantasy gets me, the reality of having the love of your life and her lover spend time alone together just feels like the most overwhelming, most daunting step a husband could possibly take. Having said that though, there have been many crossroads in this journey that have felt overwhelming and daunting,…the first time I witnessed her intimately kissing another man, the first time I watched her passionately give another man head, the first time I watched her and another man make love together, sweat glistening off their naked bodies, or the first time I witnessed her having sex with one or even two well-endowed black men,…all those crazy, absurd experiences momentarily stopped me in my tracks, and yet I’ve come through all of those moments with flying colors, and without any regrets, so odds are, her spending some quality time alone with her Bull is inevitable and bound to happen someday soon… 😉

Anyway, here’s the piece I’ll just call “Thoughts from a Bull”:


“In my vision of the perfect cuckold couple dynamic, for me, there is variety. Sometimes the cuckold is there to serve us both sexually, sometimes he can only watch. Sometimes he can only listen from another room and sometimes he is not there at all. I see this as ideal for a number of reasons. Variety keeps things interesting and in my experience, uncertainty for the cuckold adds enormously to the sexual tension (or angst) he experiences. Overall, it makes him appreciate the treats or rewards he gets from his wife when he has been obedient enough to deserve them.

Also on a practical level, if (as a cuckold), you genuinely want a Bull to be interested in your wife for a sustained period of time you must learn the value of stepping back and allowing them to spend quality time together.

Speaking from a Bulls perspective, if you truly want to hold a Bulls attention; if regular meets are truly your desire, it is essential that conditions are in place to allow a bond to develop between your wife and her Bull. Nothing makes me lose interest in a couple quicker than an inaccessible wife. Yes, I always make a point of getting to know the cuckold: his fantasies, his desires, his jealousy’s and fears,…mainly to know which buttons to push, how far I can go, and to win his trust…however, for me there also has to be some kind of mechanism that allows me to get to know and hopefully bond with the wife. Private texting or phone chats is the bare minimum for me. An occasional night alone with her though, is what is really required to take this whole experience to the next level, for everybody involved.

It’s hardly news to anyone anymore that the secret to powerful, invigorating sex starts in the mind. Ideally, the whole hotwife experience starts out sensual, long before it gets sexual. Grant your wife the space, time and opportunity to have her mind trigger REAL desire for her Bull, and then, only then, are you guaranteed REAL cuckold-hotwife fireworks.”  

Interesting …