The blog is now taking a change
in direction for a few different and important reasons but once we have
explained we think you will like the new vision. As many of you know this blog
first introduced the word stag to describe men into wife or girlfriend sharing
but who did not identify as cuckolds. Over time the logo that appeared on the
blog changed from Stag and Hotwife Games to Stag and Vixen Hotwife Games when
the word Vixen first made its own appearance to make clear the difference
between Vixens and Cuckoldress. When both terms reached the point when they
seemed to be accepted, widely understood and in popular use, the logo was changed
again to just Stag and Vixen. At this point the terms Playdate and Paramour
were then also introduced as an alternative to some of the more extreme
language, racism and material surroundings the word bull (though we still use
bulls artistically here and there, along with Hotwife given that both terms
have significant weight and history in sexual subculture at this point) At this
juncture, we feel the time has come to change the name one more time and to
change the tone and type of material we post. The logo will now be Stag and
Vixen Romance for reasons we will go into below.  We will start with why we think a change of
direction in tone and material is important … please stay with us, we promise
not to take too long and no we haven’t gone all moralistic or anything. It is
just some recent science and cultural changes we thought useful to incorporate
into our approach.

Henceforth Stag and Vixen Romance will be built on three pillars

reality of the desire for both men and women

First, this is real, whether or
not people actually participate in the lifestyle or it remains no more than a
fantasy life, this is a (real phenomenon) with much to back it up. Many men
have always fantasized about sharing the woman they love with other men and
many women in happy relationships with loving men have fantasies about being
shared with other men or having the man in their life act as a voyeur as they
engage in sexual behaviour with other men. While this kind of behaviour can
occur within swinging and cuckolding, that is not what this lifestyle or
fantasy is about, it exists on its own without any necessity for the male
partners in such relationships to seek sex outside of their relationship nor
for him to be humiliated by her or another man. There is nothing abnormal about
it. It is a valid sexual desire and should be reflected as such like any other
(even if the idea of kinkiness is played around with for occasional fun effect).

(2)    Romance :
this is a thing for ‘COUPLES’
( note : even wannabe stags and vixens
need this )

Second, this sexual fantasy or
reality needs to be bedded down where it properly belongs, that is inside well
functioning mutually respectable solid relationships. It only properly exists
within such a relationship. One cannot enjoy a stag and vixen relationship
without a significant other that one has genuine feelings for. One does not necessarily
have to be convinced you are with your one and only true love in every
situation (although that is definitely best) but a good measure of genuine care,
respect and strong likeability towards your partner is at least the bare minimum.
It is a simple enough equation that the greater
the love and respect between a stag and vixen partner, the greater their
pleasure in the lifestyle. The blog will spend a lot of time dealing with the
issues of how to establish and maintain loving stable relationships as an issue
independent of the stag and vixen dynamic and lifestyle as this is the bedrock
of the lifestyle anyway. A wannabe stag or vixen cannot be the real thing
without being in a real relationship and those in such relationships will want
to stay in them regardless of their stag and vixen status as that is simply far
more important anyway. Even if your partner will not participate in such a lifestyle,
a good relationship should be solid enough for them to understand that their
partner has this desire and is able to speak about it without being made feel guilty
or as if they are strange or peculiar. From evidence gained from running this
blog, it is probable that only about half of couples in which at least one
partner has this desire actually take this lifestyle into reality and those
that do, do so to varying degrees of involvement (half way hotwifing is very popular).
The remaining couples merely play around with the idea as a fantasy and game to
add spice to their relationship and this is only possible when the partner with
the desire can talk about it and the other partner is willing to listen. This blog
is as much for those couples as it is for those more heavily involved in the lifestyle
along with the wannabes.

Heath, physical and mental

The third factor is about sexual
health, physical and mental, without which this lifestyle or fantasy is
impossible to enjoy and may in fact even be dangerous. This blog will demonstrate
how it shall represent and promote ‘safer sex’ (we don’t say safe sex because
such a thing does not actually fully exist in real life sex anyway). While of
course there will be fantastical ideas presented on the blog, the message of
‘safe sex ’will be examined, explained in detail, and promoted very strongly
within the stag and vixen community through this blog.

We intend to create a two speed
approach with regard to explicit material based on this. This is to encourage people
to use erotica (particularly men) to charge the libido with the imagination
rather than pure sexual imagery. We think we need better porn, not more porn,
it needs to evolve to become a palace for the mind rather than the prison it
can sometimes become for many. Please watch this fantastic youtube video that
will more fully explain this idea. It is called (Better Porn) and was made by
the organisation (the school of life)

(A) A new soft-core standard
will apply on the site for all future material. There will be no more pictures
of genitals or even full naked buttocks. There will be naked breasts and buttocks
from the side or partially observable. At the same time the material will
become even more erotically charged with concepts and ideas than ever before,
requiring viewers to use their minds as much as their eyes.

(B) Obviously historically there is far more sexually explicit
material on the blog. This will remain here for some time just for consistency
so the viewing public know that the blog has just evolved rather than changed
but at some point in the future, very sexual explicit material will be taken
down and placed into a related blog aimed at very solid lifestyle couples that
can handle such material. We think this is the future. Please enjoy Stag and
Vixen Romance and this new departure.

When the best, most influential blog on this topic gets even better, what can you say?




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